8 Tips for Pregnant women to Avoid During Karwa Chauth Fasting!

The Complete Karwa Chauth Guide for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers


One such upcoming occasion is karwa chauth. If you are pregnant and wondering what to do, and how to fast during this karwa chauth keep reading.

We have asked several gynaecologists, lactation experts and nutritionists in India about the importance and impact of fasting for new mothers and expecting mothers. Here’s what we have learned.

  1. Consult your OBGYN and nutritionist

We know how important karwa chauth is for you and your family.

However, it is your doctor who knows what’s best for you and your baby. Whether you are pregnant or lactating, your body needs additional nutrition.

You may already know that thanks to the mid-night hankering for milkshakes or peanut butter.

According to Dr Amodita Ahuja, Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, “karwa chauth fasting is not advisable during pregnancy. Even if they want to go for it…they should keep yourself well hydrated. At least the food which they have to eat in the morning, the sargi they have to be (sic) taken very nicely. Otherwise, it is not advisable from a scientific point of view."

If you have any underlying conditions like low blood pressure, low haemoglobin count or gastritis, you should definitely ask your OBGYN and nutritionist before making any decision.

In case you don’t have a nutritionist on call, you can post your queries in the 24/7 Pregnancy Help Group for the best specialists to see and answer.


  1. What is your body saying?

You are not just responsible for your and your husband’s wellbeing. Now that you are a new mother or about to be one, you are responsible for the health of your baby as well.

Learn to listen to your body. For example, it might happen that even after your sargi, you feel hungry, thirsty, or dizzy.

Sargi can have both sweet and savoury dishes, but your pregnancy body might crave for more during the day. That’s only natural since you are the source of nutrients for your baby. You might feel hungry or thirsty because your baby needs more food and water. There’s no shame in that!

Ahuja recommends plenty of fluids if you want to keep the fast this year!

Firstly, only eat food that will not cause digestive issues. Avoid milk and milk products if you have intolerance towards milk.

Drink fruit juice complete with the pulp. It will help you feel full and remain hydrated. Try to drink pulpy pomegranate, orange and mosambi juices.

Some women face gastric problems from drinking green coconut water. If you have never had it during pregnancy, it’s best to avoid it on the morning of karwa chauth. You can try eating raw or dried coconut instead.


  1. Avoid bathing in cold water

It’s only sensible to avoid a cold water bath at the break of dawn. This year, karwa chauth will fall on 4 November. It’s safe to say it’ll be colder than it is right now in mid-October.

We know the urge to feel and look pretty, but to keep yourself warm, set aside a cutesy pair of socks, or maternity stockings form Bump to Bunny, warm cardigan or shawl.

Take a nice warm bath. Add some Himalayan Pink Salt to the bath to relax your sore, sleep-deprived muscles early in the morning. Make sure to towel dry your hair thoroughly.

Stay warm in the wee hours of the morning. Catching a cold is something you CANNOT risk in these risky times.

If necessary, massage your hands, feet and legs nicely till warm before you go for your sargi. Look no further than the MOMS CO. Body Butter to keep your skin hydrated, warm and glowing for the rest of the day.

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  1. Skip the no-water (nirjala) fast

Talk to your family members and MIL. Consult your OBGYN. In all probability, they will all agree that you should not skip water and fluids during the daytime.

This is one year when you get to make an exception!

Keep aside mildly cooled pulpy orange, sweet lime (mosambi), and pomegranate juices to sip at an hour or two-hour intervals throughout the day.

Look for all-organic watermelon or melon juices at stores beforehand, if you cannot make them at home. You can also check out all-vegan protein shakes to meet the nutritional needs of your little one.

If you feel thirsty, it’s your body signalling you that you and your baby need more hydration. So get that juicer cum blender ready without an ounce of guilt!

  1. Stay relaxed

Are you still meditating regularly? You can consider meditation during the daytime to keep yourself distracted from your cravings.

Meditation will also help you reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Do not go out for walks, or do yoga on the day of fasting. Refrain from heavy household tasks. Skipping your exercise one day won’t do much harm, especially when you are not eating at all for more than 12 hours.

Preserve your energy. If you feel sleepy, make yourself a warm cup of Tea Trunk chamomile tea. Take a long and comfy nap. There’s no rule against napping during the daytime.

It will rejuvenate you and replenish your energy level for the night.

  1. Wear comfy clothing

We all love to be decked up in gorgeous drapes and heavy jewellery. However, while you are pregnant or breastfeeding a newborn, you may not feel very comfortable wearing heavy sarees or lehengas throughout the day.

Opt for a light, indo-western maternity dress for the daytime. If you feel cold, you can always layer it with shawls and shrugs.

The night is all about looking gorgeous while carrying out the ritual. However, if you don’t feel up to it this year, go with lighter sarees, ethnic skirts or anarkalis that will look gorgeous despite being light.

Wear jewellery that doesn’t make you feel weighed down or uncomfortable.

Mamas are naturally gifted with gorgeous manes. So, if you want to forego traditional jewellery, simply opt for a gorgeous updo complete with diamante hair clips and tiaras that will make you look and feel like the queen you are!

  1. Be ready for changes

Whether you are planning to fast or still reconsidering, you should remember that your and the baby’s health comes first.

You may have already faced the whimsies of the pregnant or lactating body. You may have had to cancel or alter plans before.

So you know that no matter how much detail you include in a plan, it can change last minute.

At any time during the day, if you feel that you cannot continue the fast, don't force yourself. You can eat fruits, nuts, juices and protein shakes throughout the day if you want to continue.

If you feel bloated, weak, dizzy or nauseous, you should call your doctor immediately. Do not ignore stomach pain and cramping during the day or night.

Karwa chauth is important, but your and your baby’s health is more important this year.

  1. Don’t skip medication or supplements

During the daytime, you may face the dilemma of whether to take your supplements or medication, especially, since you are fasting.

Well, if you are confused, please ask your doctor about it.

Do not even think of skipping your blood pressure medication, if you are on it.

According to Dr Namita Gupta, Gynaecologist at the Pearl Healthcare in Mumbai, women should not skip meals while pregnant.  

Kolkata-based nutritionist, Anupam Dey states that “fasting during pregnancy can deprive the woman’s body and the growing baby of the right amount of calories”.

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