How to Host A 'Virtual Baby Shower' During The Pandemic?

Baby showers are all about the mother-to-be and her baby bump, and, of course, amazing baby shower gifts!

Throwing a party that everyone will remember even long after the baby is born was no challenge even 6 months ago, but right now, you are questioning all your baby shower ideas. Now that everyone is practising social distancing and the soon-to-be mother has to be more careful than ever, the traditional baby shower ideas need a few upgrades.

So, whether you are planning to host a baby shower for your best friend, sister, or neighbour, you need to remember that the mother and baby's safety should be the priority. That means no big groups, no direct contact with the guests and no question of taking the mom-to-be out to a restaurant or café?

Thankfully, we still have the option of celebrating virtually.


Here is how you can plan a successful, virtual baby shower?

  1. Choose the correct platform

Every party requires the correct space, so why should virtual baby showers be any different?

You need a reliable and easy-to-use video service like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Consider the equipment and technical know-how of your guests before you decide on which service to use.

Zoom ensures you don't need baby shower decorations during the parties with its colourful background options. Facebook offers a flurry of filters for users to deck up the virtual party!

You can also use your natural background and flaunt all the beautifully wrapped gifts strategically. Get the best ideas on baby shower gifts India has to offer at today!


  1. Create the baby shower timeline

Getting every guest online at the same time can be a hassle if you don't have a pre-approved timeline. For example, if you have only 60 minutes, you should keep a schedule for keeping things running smoothly.


  • 12 noon to 12:10 pm - catch-up with the guests and allow them time to figure out the backgrounds, navigation options and more.
  • 12:10 to 12:30 pm - time for the fun games discussed in the fourth point.
  • 12:30 to 12:45 pm - open the baby shower gifts that you have received. If the mommy-to-be doesn’t want to open their baby shower gifts just yet, you can continue the games and fun for another 10 minutes. Thank the people for coming together on a special day.
  • 12:45 to 1 pm - say your goodbyes!


  • Send the invites

Virtual invites can be so much fun! You can choose adorable baby themes with customized backgrounds that match the baby shower decoration of the party.

Get the emails or WhatsApp numbers from all your guests and send the baby shower invitation with enough time in hand. If necessary, include a download link for the platforms and a user's guide.

      2. Set up a baby registry

These are difficult times when a small item can make a huge difference in the life of the new mother! So, instead of letting the guests choose and send gifts at random, you can talk to the mamma to-be and list the baby shower gift ideas they like the most.

Next, you can set up a baby registry and checklist online for simple items such as diapers, baby towels, onesies, maternity clothing, skincare for the mom-to-be and hair care products for the new mother's changing needs. If you don't have time for creating an entire register for baby shower gifts, consider the ready-to-ship Trimester Pregnancy boxes from Bump to Bunny.

Doorstep delivery of trimester pregnancy boxes containing 100% natural and non-toxic products from the premium brands can help keep the momma and her baby safe and happy!

       3. Making a list of the perfect gifts

Finding gifts for the mother-to-be and her beautiful baby is indeed difficult. Remind your guests that these gifts have to be non-toxic, preferably organic, and safe for both the mother and child.

Your gift registry can have items exclusively for the mother’s pampering or something utilitarian for both the mom-and-baby. Ensure that the baby shower gift ideas include soothing tea, anxiety and nausea remedies, personal care products, beauty care products, massage oils and stretch marks cream.

Some gift sites like Bump to Bunny have pre-wrapped, superbly cute, classy and ready-to-ship boxes of assorted items. Buyers can simply visit the site and customize the baby shower gift box as per the mother’s necessities and provide the correct address for delivery! As the party organizer, you can make a list of items from such a site or guide your guests to similar sites that offer pregnancy-safe gift options.

    4. Keep a selection of games

Don't want to deal with an awkward silence during the virtual baby shower party? Keep a handful of games ready for every guest.

  • Who's the baby?

Ask all guests to send a baby picture of themselves to you. On the day of the party share a collage of the photos with numbers indicating each photo with the guests and ask them to identify each participant.

It is a fun game, which will keep the party in splits and eliminate every possibility of a dull moment.

  • Guess the item

Choose a list of 10 to 15 baby-related items for this game, or select pictures from magazines. Hold them close to the camera and ask the guests to guess what item it is. The first one to guess the item correctly gets a point.

  • Celebrity baby name game

Download a celebrity baby name game template. Send it to your guests during the games session and ask them to match the baby names to their celebrity mothers. It is a lot of fun to see the guests trying to guess what Beyonce and Chrissy Teigen named their bundles of joy! 

  • Fill out the baby shower guestbook

Take your virtual baby shower plan up a notch by including a virtual guestbook for the party. The easiest way is by creating a Google Slide and sharing the link with all guests. Ensure you have a ready-to-fill template and you give each guest the right to edit the slides.

Don't forget to include sections for guest advice, special messages and even photos of each person in the guestbook.

  • Create thank you notes

Do not forget to thank the guests for coming together to make the party happen!

You can also download "thank you" templates that match the baby shower theme, for the mom-to-be. She can send them via email or WhatsApp or Facebook messages after the party to each guest with a special, customized note.


Organizing a special baby shower in the times of the pandemic could have been challenging if you didn't have these 7-point guide with you.

Having to cancel can a party for the mother can be truly frustrating, but a virtual baby shower that observes the social distancing regulations can be just as much fun with so many games-to-play for both the mom and you!