Just Found Out You're Pregnant? 5 Quick Tips From New Moms.

"You are pregnant," that's all that matters. Hear it, as you say it. I'm sure you are engulfed and drowned in a sea of unknown emotions and scenes from the memories of others' lives recreated in your mind. Pregnancy is a special milestone in every woman's life. It all begins with a random thought, diving deep into the ocean of the heart by stronger skepticism as time passes and confirmed with a positive pregnancy kit test. 

Motherhood brings in a gush of overpowering emotions. It is a great feeling, isn't it? Your mind instantly slips into imaginations of your baby's first cry, cute cuddle, the velvet, soft skin, the satisfying gurgle, the joys of expecting a child, the feeling of life within yourself and in your lives, scenes scrolls across, the cherished and charming hours enliven, and the times we virtually dwelled in the delights of motherhood is going to come alive. 

The journey is blissful but isn't the easiest. Morning sickness, catching up with work, nausea, food cravings, delivering your day to day duties, all have to go on. Yet, yours will definitely be much more different from what you have heard, seen, and known. Be ready for it. Be prepared. Learn what to expect and expect the unexpected too. 

  1. Find a good Gynecologist near you:

    You know you are expecting. What next? Yes, you are right. The first thought that comes to your mind is a doctor, to ensure all is well, right? True, consult a gynecologist at the earliest for confirmation of pregnancy coupled with expert care and advice. 

    • What to look for in a Gynecologist? You vaguely get reminded of the names of gynecologists heard from here and there, isn't it? Yet, it is obvious that you discuss with your friends and family for referrals for a reputed doctor. Motherhood is a very important stage in life, and you wouldn't be taking chances, hence check how skilled and experienced the doctor is, besides her bedside manners, as you will be discussing your private issues with the doctor. (It is very obvious that we look for social skills, the one who listens to you, respects your views together with having an intention to have an engaging communication as you will be involved in sharing your personal health concerns and sexual activities.)
    • Apps for finding doctors, clinics, and hospitals, with reviews and referrals, are an instant hit among many. They provide innumerable choices of medical facilities made available at your vicinity or in any given locality. They also have options for booking lab tests and the likes with a click of the button coupled with attractive discounts of the day. Apps and websites like Practo, MFine, 1mg, etc. offers reviews by patients consulted and gives you a fair idea of which gynecologist to choose. The apps also are designed to provide additional information about the doctors, consulting time, waiting hours, consulting charges among many others. 
    • Browse and read reviews posted by reviewers on various sites as well. Discuss in your pal groups on networking apps and sites, where you feel your bling. If you had already visited a physician earlier, and comfortable with the doctor, meet him or her at the next available and possible appointment.
      Yes, you have found the gynecologist, whom you believe? Don't wait anymore. Schedule the first prenatal appointment today!


      2. Download the Best Pregnancy Apps in India: 

      It looks as if it is the best time to be pregnant, isn't it? Yes, I mean it, with technology making its footprint across the globe and having its imprint in almost all sectors and discipline, the pressures of pregnancy are calmed. The pregnancy-related apps help the expectant mother to keep count of dates and track of pregnancy and its essentials to detail, provide answers to diet-related queries, presents baby and pregnancy-related products.

      A simple search on search engines can lead to hundreds of sites and apps, that lets you choose the one which suits your needs and preferences. Some of the common apps used by expecting moms are listed below…

      • My Pregnancy Today: The app gives a  thorough understanding of pregnancy, the growth, and appearance of the fetus, brings nutritional awareness, presents videos, and Q&A sessions on pregnancy-related topics. 

      • Pregnancy Sprouts: Pregnancy Journal, personalized and customized pregnancy charts are its unique features. 

      • Baby bump Pregnancy Pro: Recording and keeping track of baby kicks, weight, and contractions are its highlighted use.  

      • Happy Pregnancy Ticker: The App has a discussion corner with other expectant mothers, journal space, and pregnancy tracker. 

      • I'm Expecting: Yes, you are expecting and this app gives space to track symptoms and record information related to the fetus as well as the health of the mom. 

      Although the pregnancy-related apps provide a wide canvas to record pregnancy, seek clarification and share feelings among many others, there are also other pregnancy networking apps like Sheroes, Mylo, Baby Chakra, Baby Destination that allows you to be part of a group and seek emotional and psychological help coupled with information for pregnant women. 

      3. Cut out Alcohol and Tobacco immediately

      • Effects of Smoking during pregnancy

      Haven't you heard that smoking is an addiction? Any idea how? The nicotine in tobacco is a highly addictive psychoactive drug that causes dependency on smoking and hence the incessant urge to smoke. The harmful effects of smoking are common knowledge to all, isn't it? The effect of tobacco depends on the length of the time a smoker smokes and the volume of tobacco smoked. The longer the use, the greater the risk of diseases and even death eventually. 

      It is truly heartbreaking to hear that tobacco causes damage to the heart, and of course to the lungs and liver and can lead to various types of cancers, stroke, and a major cause for heart attacks. Passive aka second-hand smoking is also proved to have significant health hazards, beware of it. Be at safe distance from the smoker.

      Smoking is a vital reason for miscarriages among pregnant smokers in addition to contributing to premature birth, low birth weight, and relatively high chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It also plays a major role in erectile dysfunction among male smokers. So either way, it impacts reproductive health.

      • Effects of Alcohol during pregnancy

      The side effects of alcohol consumption begin the moment you take the first sip. Long time alcohol consumption leads to heart, lung, and liver diseases together with disturbing digestive and endocrine glands, intervening with nervous and circulatory systems among many others.

      Alcohol intake among pregnant women can lead to miscarriages, premature delivery, and even cause stillbirth.  The children born to mothers, who consumed alcohol suffer from learning disabilities, emotional problems, physical abnormalities coupled with many other health issues. Overconsumption of alcohol is one of the causes of infertility, are you aware?

      If you are pregnant or decided to get conceived, ensure that you quit smoking and drinking for a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

              4. Start taking prenatal vitamins 

      Our nutritional requirements and needs keep altering based on age, health conditions, and during different phases of life, don't they? They vary from infant to toddler to adolescence, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, etc.

      In pregnancy, it is all the more essential to take supplements of vitamins and minerals that aid in the healthy growth of the fetus, and for the wellness of the mother.

      • Planning the family?

      Start now. It is ideal to begin taking prenatal vitamins when you have decided to have a child, trying to have a baby or already pregnant if it is unexpected. The sooner the better. The expecting mother needs a balanced diet and additional nutrients to support the wellbeing of the child. Your physician's advice on what needs to be taken is the thumb of rule and resist from taking out of counter tablets. Let's get a brief on the vitamins that completes the meal platter. 

      • Iron supplements (Folic acid supplement) : 
      Anything, when grows, needs to be supplemented with iron. During pregnancy, everything grows bigger and rounder and it is vital in the growth of the baby in the womb. Hence Iron supplements are an essential part of pregnancy.

      Folic acid is prescribed by doctors at the first visit for healthy growth and development of the fetus. Ideally, the vitamin is advised to be taken at the early stage of the fetus. Hence, women who are planning to conceive are prescribed such supplements. It helps in the production of red blood cells that aid in neural tube development and prevents neural tube defects, a serious issue that affects the brain, spinal cord, and spine. 

      Natural sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables like spinach, cereals, beans, citrus fruits, etc. In addition, folate also prevents the occurrence of

      • Cleft lips and palate 

      • Premature birth

      • Miscarriage 

      • Low birth weight 

      • Poor growth in the womb

      • Heart diseases

      • Alzheimer 

      • Stroke 

      • Complications in pregnancy

      • Omega 3 fatty acids : 

      Omega 3 fatty acids help in the development of brain and vision and are typically found in fish and certain nuts. 

      • Choline: 

      Choline is a very vital nutrient in pregnancy as adequate choline is sent to the baby by the placenta. It is to be understood that the major growth of organs starts as early as the beginning of the first trimester, and it is advised to start taking supplements at a very early period of pregnancy or a few months before to support your nutritional requirement.

              5. Discover First Trimester non-toxic, pregnancy-safe products
      The first trimester begins on the first day of your last period and lasts until the end of week 12. Now that you're sure you're pregnant, made your first visit to the Gynaecologist, shared the news with your husband and family, what next? 
       Although the first trimester is exciting at times morning sickness, mood swings, itchy skin, and food cravings/aversions overpower. The ideal step would be to find the correct and renowned products catering to the first trimester of pregnancy. The google search can be overwhelming with so many prenatal product options available in the market from nausea relief candies to body oils. 
      To overcome the first trimester symptoms, buy thoughtfully curated Bump to Bunny Trimester 1 Pregnancy Box for expecting mothers in India. The box contains 5-6 essential pre-natal products including PISIX Nausea band for morning sickness, The Moms co natural oil for dry/itchy skin, Mason & Co. Dark drinking chocolate for sweet food cravings, 15 Belly stickers, Mamacouture Voucher worth INR 500, and a surprise element for the whole family. 
      If you're a time-starved, millennial mom-to-be juggling between work and family, getting the first-trimester care package for yourself will give your pregnancy a flying start, or if you're a husband or sister of expecting woman, gift her Trimester 1 Pregnancy gift box, today!

      Motherhood is a great experience in anybody's lifetime. I am sure you must have realized it by now. Every moment, every day, and every month there is a change in your appearance, in the fetal growth and in your mood. Your life may go haywire from day one of the pink lines, it is worth the experience that the mother, parents and the family go through. Splurge in the living  memories of those moments that carry a life