The Expert Guide On Pregnancy Gift For Sister On Her Journey To Motherhood

If you have a sister, you may have been giving her gifts on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi or Rakshabandhan for as long as you can remember. You know her likes and dislikes, you know what she wishes for every year, even without saying so. Picking a gift out for your sister has been super-easy – you shared the same womb after all!

Now, things are a bit different. Your sister is pregnant and you can already see her necessities and wishes changing. You may even feel a little at a loss as the would-be-uncle of the new baby. And trust us, being the super cool uncle is a HUGE responsibility. You have to please the mother aka your sister and her beloved new-born!

With Rakhi coming up, it’s the perfect occasion for you to shop for some pregnancy gifts for your sister.

 How to make this Rakhi memorable for your pregnant sister?

Rakhi is a celebration of the protective relationship siblings share. Traditionally, sisters make (or buy) bracelets of red and golden thread. Modern rakhis are just as fancy as the gifts sisters receive on this special day!

If your sister or cousin sister is expecting a baby, on the day of the special occasion, think about gifting your sister a pregnancy box that represents care, protection, and love. When it comes to picking out pregnancy gifts for sisters, the brother's safest bet is a non-toxic, pregnancy-friendly collection of skincare, beauty, and healthcare products. However, as a protective and caring brother, you must ensure that your Rakhi pregnancy gift for sister has products from reputed brands that certify their products as safe for pregnant women and their babies.


The best gift boxes for pregnant sisters this Rakhi

The next question is, what can you include in your Rakhi pregnancy gift box?

Here’s a list of things you can consider –

1. Bath and beauty products – this is the most common choice, but also the most confusing one. With so many brands to choose from in the market, making a pregnancy gift basket can be difficult for a busy brother. Which is why we recommend the Bump to Bunny trimester pregnancy gift boxes for your lovely sister. And you don’t even have to worry about the safety of these products. At Bump to Bunny, we ensure that each trimester pregnancy box for the mama comes filled with goodies like face masks, foot soaks, stretchmark creams, and body butter that pampers and nourishes the mom-to-be. These gift boxes aren't just for sisters, but also the ideal gift for pregnant friend or cousin.

2. Products for the baby only – a newborn baby has many needs. Think tens of cute little onesies, cradles and cribs, feeding bottles, and diaper rash creams to just begin with. You can also explore booties, baby socks, baby winter wear, and dashing (albeit super cute) baby accessories for their photoshoots! Just make sure they are choking hazard-free and safe for the little one. However, every pregnant woman receives tons of gifts for their unborn baby, and her pregnancy should be a time to celebrate her and her baby bump. So, while shopping for gifts for the baby, think about browsing sections that have a gift for pregnant wife or sister as well.

3.Healthcare essentials for the mom-to-be – the Bump to Bunny Trimester 1 pregnancy gift box is the ideal one for any brother trying to surprise their expecting sister this Rakshabandhan. It is the perfect Rakhi gift for pregnant sister considering it has an anti-nausea band for her morning sickness, natural oil from MOMS CO., dark drinking chocolate that is 100% organic and free from chemicals from MASON & Co. and a surprise gift that the momma-to-be will know when she unboxes the gift! The bespoke gift box comes wrapped elegantly, ready for presenting. You can add your personal touch with a note or a letter addressed to your niece/nephew-to-be along with the Rakhi pregnancy gift box for sisters

4. Pampering products for the momma-to-be – the pamper hamper should be all about the momma-to-be. Make your sister feel extra special this Rakhi by redefining luxury for her. If you are having trouble picking out the items for your baby sister who’s about to have a baby of her own, let Bump to Bunny help you out. Check out the Trimester 2 pregnancy gift box this Rakhi. It has the MOMS Co. Body Butter for stretch marks, Tea Trunk Chamomile tea, Himalayan Pink bath salts, Ilana Organics Healing lip balm, and a MAMACOUTURE Voucher of INR 500. The pregnancy-safe, fabulous and useful products are ideal for the mother who needs some serious TLC

5. The baby shower present – baby showers are exclusively for the mom and traditionally only women are invited to the party! Well, you are her brother and you have the exclusive right to give her a babyshower present if you want to. If your sister is in her third trimester, turn this Rakhi into a mini and social distance binding baby shower for her and her baby. Check out the Bump to Bunny Trimester 3 Pregnancy Gift Box which will speak oodles about how much you love and care about your sis. The box comes ready-to-gift with New Mom maternity stockings to relieve pregnancy swollen feet, Skin Marigold foot soak, the MOM’S Co. Natural Stretch Oil for the mom’s belly and body, Enn’s Closet Sculpt Anti-pigmentation face mask and a MAMACOUTURE Voucher of INR 500!

This Rakhi, pamper your sister and celebrate her motherhood with exclusive pregnancy gifts for sisters.

Several pregnancy gift shops like Bump to Bunny allow the buyers to customize the assortment of pregnancy gifts depending on their taste, the necessities of the mother-to-be, and the price range. Don’t worry! You can talk to the team in case you want to customize a bump box for your sister this Rakhi. Make this Rakshabandhan memorable for your sister, would be nephew/niece, and the entire family with a bump box that contains a special surprise for the whole family.

Every Rakhi is special. Make this one extra special for your pregnant sister with an elegant, pregnancy-safe, and best-of-range pregnancy products assorted in one big box!