About Us

Our Story

The journey began in late 2018 when the founder’s sister had trouble discovering the correct skin care and essential pre-natal products during her first pregnancy. The discomfort caused during pregnancy had become a major issue for the time-starved millennial mom-to-be juggling between work, family, and social life. Thereby, the 3 Trimester Pregnancy boxes or bump boxes were curated in close consultation with Gynecologists and then expecting moms to make this 9-month-long journey to motherhood joyful and easy.



We along with the Gynaecologist's expertise curate Luxe Trimester-wise (symptom-specific) Pregnancy Boxes for expecting mothers in the country. Each box contains 5-6 premium pre-natal products for concerns like nausea, stretch marks, dryness/itching, swollen feet, mood swings, or anxiety. We are a service-based startup catering to both - Customers (B2C - Nykaa, Amazon) and Institutions (B2B - Maternity Hospitals/Corporates, eg. Cloudnine/Pazcare, respectively).

The thoughtfully-curated Trimester Bump boxes have full-sized products of premium and toxin-free beauty, lifestyle, and quirky 'made in India' products ranging from nausea bands, pregnancy journals, body butter, foot soaks, and more. Today we are privileged to have served more than 25,000 pregnancies countrywide. 

Meet the Founder

Jyotsana Malhotra, a young woman entrepreneur with a degree in Biomedical sciences from York University, Toronto embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2018. After having worked at a Healthcare startup- Curofy for over 2 years, under the mentorship of Mudit Vijayvergiya ( Co-Founder of Curofy, Forbes 30 under 30 2018), Jyotsana selected the mom & baby segment as her niche.

The need for thoughtful pregnancy boxes was realized after personally conversing with ~200 expecting moms outside the doctor’s clinic. The insights were then used to curate, design, and package the boxes in close consultation with Gynecologists.