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Trimester 1 BUMP BOX


Pregnancy is still a secret yet mom-to-be deserves pampering by her loved 'the one' - Husbands, your search for perfect gift for expecting wife ends here. This Bump box caters to early symptoms of pregnancy and contains:




A growing belly, mood swings and constant food cravings of a mom-to-be makes her exhausted already. This box can bring a day, a week or even a month's joy to the pregnant mama you know. Best friends and sisters, look no further as we have found the perfect gift for expecting sister. The Bump Box contains:




Are too many people around you are making babies and you're tired of finding the 'unique babyshower gift ideas'? We've you covered. Now, gift a thoughtful bump box to mom-to-be to let her know that you're beside her while bunny's inside. Here's what goes inside the box:

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Pamper Mom-to-be with unique Baby Shower Gifts

Babyshower or "Godh bharai" has been around for centuries wherein friends and family come together to celebrate the expecting parents. In the Indian ancient times, the expecting mom's laps were filled with sweets and fruits, to help her grow the baby in womb. Keeping the essence of ancient India, Bump to Bunny brings you excellent and beautifully designed godh bharai gifts online.

The times have changed - with the digital era and modernity, Babyshower is the millennial version of godh bharai. Usually celebrated a few weeks before the due date, the event of babyshower is celebrated to cherish the new beginnings as parents-to-be wait for their little one. The essence of the event is thoroughly captured by pampering the mom-to- be with unique and thoughtful baby shower gifts. A lot of times, friends and family bring gifts for yet to be born little human, thereby, making it difficult for expecting parents to choose the ones as per their needs. Therefore, Bump to Bunny pre-curates premium pregnancy gift boxes for expecting moms - making it perfect, thoughtful and super cute for gifting on baby showers.

Let's make the trend of gifting 'mom-to-be' with luxury baby shower gifts, also known as - Pregnancy Bump boxes or baby shower gift hampers contain 5-6 premium pre-natal skincare and lifestyle products as the new norm.

Buy the perfect and premium baby shower gifts for expecting mothers today at Bump to Bunny.

What would be the perfect gift for expecting wife?

When selecting a gift for an expecting wife, it is thoughtful to consider something that focuses on her comfort, relaxation, and well-being during this special time. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Maternity Foot Massage: Treat her to a soothing and pampering prenatal foot massage to help relieve any pregnancy discomfort or swelling she may be experiencing. Foot soaks and foot gel in our Trimester 3 Pregnancy Gift Box can come in handy!
  2. Pregnancy journal: Encourage her to document her pregnancy journey with a beautiful and personalized pregnancy journal. You can find one in our Trimester 1 Pregnancy Gift Box
  3. At-home Spa: Give her the gift of relaxation and self-care with a day of pampering with our Belly scrub and Belly butter consisted in our Trimester 2 Pregnancy Gift Box
  4. Maternity clothing or accessories: Consider gifting her stylish and comfortable maternity clothes or accessories that will make her feel good and confident during her pregnancy.
  5. Pregnancy Affirmation cards: To calm her anxiousness during pregnancy, gift her a selection of pregnancy affirmation cards that provide helpful advice, tips, and inspiration during this transformative time. Also, present in our Trimester 2 Pregnancy Gift Box along with other prenatal essentials

Remember, the most important aspect of the gift is thoughtfulness and showing her that you care and support her throughout her pregnancy journey. Thereby, making our Pregnancy Gift Boxes - the perfect gift for an expecting wife.

Pampering the Expecting Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful Pregnancy Gift Boxes or Bump Box Gifts

Being pregnant is a beautiful and transformative experience, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming at times. That's why it's crucial to prioritize self-care and pampering during this special journey. One way to show support and make an expecting mom feel cherished is by gifting her a thoughtful Maternity Gift Box. In this guide, we'll explore the importance of pampering and self-care during pregnancy and how a carefully curated maternity bump box can make an expecting mom feel special and cared for.

Importance of Pampering and Self-Care during Pregnancy:
Pregnancy is a time when a woman's body and hormones undergo significant changes. From physical discomforts like morning sickness and backaches to emotional swings, moms-to-be need extra care and attention. Pampering and self-care activities not only help to alleviate physical discomfort but also promote feelings of relaxation, well-being, and self-love. It is an opportunity for expecting moms to prioritize their needs and connect with their changing bodies.

Introducing the Maternity Bump Box:
A bump box is a specially curated gift box designed for expecting moms. It includes a selection of products that cater to their unique needs during pregnancy. The concept of a bump box is to provide thoughtful and useful items that help expecting moms take care of themselves and make their pregnancy journey as enjoyable as possible. A bump box is more than just a collection of products – it is a symbol of care and support.

Top Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Maternity Bump Box:
When selecting a bump box, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the recipient's current trimester should be the guiding factor. It's essential to choose high-quality and safe products specifically designed for pregnancy. Additionally, personalizing the bump box can add a special touch, showing the expecting mom that careful thought and consideration have gone into selecting the items.

Must-Have Items for a Pampering Pregnancy Gift Box:
A thoughtfully curated bump box can include a variety of items that cater to different aspects of self-care and pampering during pregnancy. Some essential items to consider include pregnancy pillows for optimal comfort, bath bombs or bath salts for relaxation, and essential oils or an aromatherapy diffuser for creating a peaceful atmosphere. Skincare products such as stretch mark creams or oils, relaxing sheet masks, and moisturizing body lotions can help expecting moms feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Nourishing and hydrating items like herbal teas, healthy snacks, and a reusable water bottle can promote overall well-being. Finally, adding personal touches like handwritten notes, meaningful trinkets, or a pregnancy journal can make the bump box even more special.

Where to Find the Best Pregnancy Gift Boxes or Bump Boxes:
For the FIRST TIME IN INDIA, you can purchase thoughtfully curated pregnancy gift boxes at bumptobunny.com. We curate a selection of high-quality products specifically chosen for expecting moms. Your search to find a perfect pregnancy gift for expecting mom ends here.

During pregnancy, the expecting mom deserves extra care, love, and pampering. By prioritizing self-care and gifting a thoughtful bump box, you can help her feel special, cared for, and supported throughout her journey. Whether you choose a pre-packaged bump box or create a customized one, the key is to focus on her needs, preferences, and well-being. By taking the time to select high-quality products and adding personal touches, you'll make her pregnancy experience even more enjoyable and memorable. Show her that she is valued, loved, and deserving of pampering - after all, she's creating a miracle within her.